Carrocerías Burillo S.L.


Since its establishment in 1959, Carrocerias Burrillo has been involved in the safety and comfort of travelers, as well as applying and maintaining the bus bodywork of various manufacturers and brands, all the while developing and updating styles to suit its customers.

Since 2002, this has been achieved by making use of new technologies, providing new security measures, developing a variety of structures and supporting a new, strong infrastructure as well as new facilities.

Our main objectives are to meet the quality requirements implemented by the company and strengthen the good image we aim to show to our travelers and users. We are always willing to improve in order to ensure the convenience, comfort and safety of our buses.

We have been a family business since our inception in 1956 when Honorato Saenz de Urturi founded the company and acquired the brand " Bodies Burillo ". A few years later in 1962, he registered the trademark " METALFUERT ", which is the name given to our production line and intercity buses . In 1977 we created the society "Bodies Burillo Ltd" and thus it has been maintained ever since.

At present, we are mainly dedicated to bus bodywork, urban use and vehicle customization according to customer requirements. With a thorough dedication to the structure to guarantee greater security, we are always striving for maximum passenger comfort. To this day, his children and granddaughter Alberto , Oscar and Silvia continue with the activity that began more than six decades ago , with the same dedication and proximity to customers , thereby achieving the highest quality in the final product. " Safety, comfort and quality" is our motto and how we work.

We will always appreciate your confidence in our family.