Our History

1956 - Acquisition of the company and brand "Bodies Burillo"
1962 - Trademark registration "Metalfuert"
1977 - Constitution of society.
1988 - Relocation of the company to Avda de Burgos 10
1999 - Start of construction of a new facility in the industrial area Cantabria.
2002 - Relocation of the company to new premises in Calle Las Balsas 7 (Current address of the company).
2003 - Implementation of the quality system, developed in later years.
2007 - MAN Agreement with a commitment to finish Lion buses.
2009 - Agreement with MAN for the finishing of its models and adaptation to the Spanish market.
2010 - Expansion of facilities related to the paint booth and a center of Gas supply to CNG vehicles.
2012 - Trade agreement with CCB to expand to the European market.

The Best Professionals


Our management team and technical aid in decision making practices offers customers a range of possibilities to achieve this desired goal.

Customer service

In the field of spare parts, we ensure 24-hour service statewide for vehicles less than 10 years old. Our technical team use quick solutions, always with the aim of avoiding unnecessary service stoppages.

Adaptation to customer requirements

Our experience and R & D allows us to consider and evaluate all of our customers´ requests.